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By participating in the token sale, you will receive REFA tokens. As we will be utilizing the Binance BlockChain, we decided to fix the amount of REFAs to BSC(Binance Smart Chain) equivalent. The basis for token issuance is set at a ratio of 10,000 REFA per 1 BSC during our ICO. How many tokens you get depends on the timing of your participation


The share of the tokens for each bounty participant will be as big as his or her contribution. The more effort one puts into promoting REFA, the bigger the reward.. A bounty will be distributed for different participation methods, such as:

  • publishing and posting REFA on blogs
  • Topic translating.
  • following us on

I. Telegram

II. Reddit

iii. Medium


We decided to reward early participants. The sooner you join, the greater the

bonus that will be appointed to you.. We will use the following schedule:

Pre-sale; 14,000 REFAs for 1 BSC

ICO SALE; 10,000 REFAs for 1 BSC

The price of one REFA will initially be determined in accordance with the

amount  of  funds  raised  through  the  token  sale..  After  the token  sale  is

concluded, REFA will also be available on the cryptocurrency exchanges,

where the price will be determined according to market mechanisms..

REFA will issue as many REFA TOKEN as needed to cover all of the BNB gathered at the token sale (the cap is set at 5,000 BSC). This amount of tokens will then represent the base for issuing tokens for team members, bounties, and referrals. 70% of the total REFA TOKEN will be held by token sale participants, the rest (30%) will be appointed to the team of Developers, Advisers, Escrows, Bounties, Charities, and other costs of token sale execution. We offer a boost to the number of your tokens through participation in the Bounties. No new tokens will be created after the token distribution is finished.


  • 50% development/ Expansion/Liquidity.
  • 30% marketing and sales
  • 10% operations
  • 10% legal

The funds will be used for development, marketing, operations, legal, governmental duties and other expenses that will occur in next few years and are needed for developing and running the project..The process of Token Sale will start according to the project start strategy…

No later than 30 days after the conclusion of the token sale, our REFA tokens will be distributed to token bounty participants, which include REFA tokens as a reward

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