How -IT-Works

INVESTOR CAN SEND BSC DIRECTLY TO THE ICO CONTRACT ADDRESS: (0xc84552187ddCAaCa33145E1103ca21101241aFFe ) using a standard ERC-20 wallet like MetaMask, TrustWallet, Ledger Nano S, Guarda Wallet., Coinomi Wallet., Edge Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Enjin Wallet, etc. (Note: Don’t send to token contract address)

INVESTORS CAN ALSO BUY TOKENS WITH METAMASK. (Investor may contribute using a “Buy Token” option in the ICO page using Metamask, ADD your wallet address as Beneficiary and BSC amount to spend).

TOKENS ARE RELEASED IMMEDIATELY (Tokens are automatically released to the investor Wallet once the purchase or transfer is made).

NEW TOKENS ARE MINTED ON EVERY CONTRIBUTION. (50,000,000 REFA to be minted @ 5000 BSC hard cap @10,000 REFA per BSC Rate)

TOKENS ARE DISTRIBUTED AT A PREDEFINED RATE of 10,000 tokens per 1 BSC. the conversion rate that a buyer gets for his contribution, 10,000 x BSC amount sent= Number of REFA to Receive

Token Name = Renewable Energy For All

Token Ticker = REFA

TYPE OF TOKEN: BSC Smart Chain  (BEP-20)

Decimal = 18

Initial Supply = 50,000,000

Maximum Supply = 100,000,000


To participate in the ICO, send the BSC amount to the ICO Contract address: 0xc84552187ddCAaCa33145E1103ca21101241aFFe

To Add REFA to your Wallet:

Copy the Token Contract Address: 0xD5DF53381c7A71beFE70cd0f0b1508032Ec176Bc

Token Symbol = REFA

Token Decimal = 18